Frequently Asked Questions of Myrtle Grand Homeowners:

Q. How often do you clean my property?

A.  Your property is cleaned after each rental.


Q. Who pays for the cleaning?

A.  Guests pay for the cleaning.


Q. Do I provide linens?

A.  No. Renters will either provide their own linens or rent them from Myrtle Grand.


Q. Do I provide cleaning supplies?

A.  No. Myrtle Grand provides all cleaning supplies and cleaning crews.

Q. What happens when a guest or a housekeeper reports a maintenance item?

A.  We have a maintenance staff that completes the maintenance issue or an outside vendor is called for major repairs and the vendor fee is charged to HO account.


Q. When can I use my property?

A.  Per the contract, homeowner blocks should be done in January for the year. You may also block your unit anytime it is available VIA Owner's Link. We ask that you always block your unit, even if it is last minute and you decide to come to the beach because your unit is not rented. We have walk-ins every day, and if you have not blocked your unit we could book someone and it will be embarrassing for both you and our guests for them to walk in on you. Any Linens or Departure cleaning ordered for a maintenance block must be billed through the homeowners account or paid by credit card.


Q. Do you clean the property after the homeowner departs?

A.  Only if the homeowner requests it. An owner can request cleaning and/or linens for the same charge we charge the guests.

Q. What if I know someone who wants to reserve my rental?

A.  This is considered an owner referral and is based on availability. You need to call us with the renter's name, address, phone number and rental dates. The management fee for that reservation will be decreased if the unit is not previously booked. We will not move a confirmed reservation.


Q. Do you do anything for your management fee besides book reservations and advertise my


A. Yes. We manage your property through reservations and online booking software. We provide customer support in case of changes and inquiries. Additionally, we clean and replace A/C filters, replace vacuum bags, maintain keys, provide cleaning supplies, and replace standard light bulbs. We also help with unique projects such as take proposals and estimates to oversee upgrading and repairs.


Q. What would "sell" my property to a guest over another property?

A.  All the comforts of home. Big screen televisions, TV's in all bedrooms, WIFI, DVD players, stereo CD player, board games, good books to read, gas grills for houses, swings, hammocks and rockers. If you would enjoy it, so will your guests.


Q. When do I get my monthly statement?

A. For Vacation Rental Homeowners:  Statements are posted by the 15th of each month, unless delayed due to acts of nature. Checks are mailed and Direct Deposits are posted on the 15th of each month.  We pay vacation rental homeowners for reservations on the 15th of the next month after departure. 

For Long Term/Annual Rental Homeowners:  Statements are posted by the last business day of each month.  Checks are mailed and Direct Deposits are posted on the last business day of each month.


Q. Do I receive a 1099 Form at the end of the year for income tax reporting?

A.  Yes, each year you will receive a 1099.


Q. Should I put a deadbolt on my owner's closet?

A.  Yes, if you have a homeowner's closet; a deadbolt will help keep your private property secure.